Summer Holiday Shutdown.
We are closed from July 19th till 5th of August for Summer Holiday. Orders received during Shutdown will have 10% Special Discount applied including User discounts if applicable and will be processed from 5th of August as per our normal LEAD TIMES. Delivery cut off times : Wardrobes/Carcasses - 3rd of July; Cut To Size/Edging - 10th of July; Spray Finish - Please Enquire;

Laminate Sheets (HPL) Explained

HPL is produced by saturating multiple layers of kraft paper with phenolic resin. A layer of printed décor paper is placed on top of the kraft paper before pressing. The resulting sandwich is fused together under heat and pressure . Because phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset plastics, the curing process transforms the resin into plastic by a cross linking process that converts the paper sheets into a single, rigid laminated sheet. High pressure Laminates are considered to be the most durable decorative surface materials and are available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistant. Laminated surfaces are used very widely in furniture industry, commercial sector and cubicle systems. Laminates allow freedom to be used on majority types of boards and various choice of thicknesses.

laminate sheets project Formica ColorCore
laminate sheets project Polyrey E035 Ebene

What Can We Laminate?

Here at CBJ Ltd we offer press laminating service for majority types of Boards. Weather it's MDF, Chipboard or Plywood. If you require more specific thickness which is not available from available stock, we can sandwich 2, 3 or more boards together to achieve required thicknesses. The maximum board size we can press is 1220x3050mm while most standard Laminate sheets come in 1250x3070mm. If you have a special project where Exposed Lipped Edges are required please feel free to Contact Us directly with your project requirements.

We supply laminates form all major manufacturers such as Formica, Polyrey, Egger, KronoSpan, Rehau and many more.

How We Do It?

We process each job based on the project requirements. If full board pressing is required, all boards are calibrated to eliminate surface imperfections as well as unequal thickness to prevent press damaging the board surface. Small parts which require edging, prior to pressing each part will undergo edge banding process and all parts will be calibrated using Wide Belt sander to achieve perfectly smooth and flat finish. Once boards are perfectly flat, we begin the laminating/bonding process using our press.

board calibrating step 1
Laminate sheet Aplication Step 2
Laminate sheet pressing step 3
Laminate sheet finished step 4

Pressing Options

Laminated Sheet MDF

Exposed core material: Laminate 0.8mm thick shows black lines. In some cases MDF as core material is being clear lacquer coated on the edges and creates part of design feature.

Laminated Sheet birch ply

Birch ply is being laminated for the purpose of seeing exposed multi-layer plywood edge. Edges can be rounded and clear lacquer finished. Very popular feature in many design projects.

Laminated Sheet birch ply

ABS Edging: MDF or Chipboard as core material exposed edges are being finished using Matching ABS Edging. This is the most common method for laminated boards.

Laminated Sheet MDF Wood lipping

Exposed Wooden Edge: This is being achieved by cutting all parts either Chipboard or MDF as core material and edge banding using solid wood. In this case Laminates are applied to individual parts. Clear lacquer can be applied to seal exposed wood edges.

Laminated Sheet Matching Laminate edging

Laminated Edges: Laminate pressed to MDF or Chipboard Core material and cut parts to size. Strips cut from same the laminate material and applied to all exposed edges. This option is most popular in commercial sector where hard wearing and durable surfaces are required.

Laminated Solidwood after pressing

Solid Wood Edging: Core material MDF or Chipboard. Parts are cut and solid lipping is applied to all required edges. Clear lacquer can be applied to seal the wood. This option is popular commercial sector as well as domestic as kitchen worktops. Very durable surface with decorative wood edges.