Summer Holiday Shutdown.
We are closed from July 19th till 5th of August for Summer Holiday. Orders received during Shutdown will have 10% Special Discount applied including User discounts if applicable and will be processed from 5th of August as per our normal LEAD TIMES. Delivery cut off times : Wardrobes/Carcasses - 3rd of July; Cut To Size/Edging - 10th of July; Spray Finish - Please Enquire;

Supplies to Tradesman & Contractors

Chigwell Building & Joinery Ltd is MDF Cut To Size as well bespoke carcasses, complete wardrobe, kitchen and study cabinetry supplier to Trade and Public. We do not carry out site surveys nor installations on site. Majority of our returning customers are Trade i.e. Builders, Cabinet Makers, Cabinetry enthusiasts who are trying to promote their services within Cabinetry sector. We get lots of enquiries weather we know anyone who could carry out survey, discuss design requirements and carry out the actual work. Our ‘’Tradesmen’’ web page is designed to allow public to contact local cabinet makers, builders and other trades who are using our services and are willing to participate in this program. Everyone knows Facebook so we have decided to present CBJ - TRADESMEN as a platform between trade and potential clients. Clients are able to contact participating professionals direct. Project requirements can be discussed with installers saving time and energy. Third party in this instance would be eliminated and costs for completing the projects can be reduced as well as the process speeded up. We hope this will be a useful feature for all parties.

Participating Tradesmen

Tradesmen willing to participate and join a network of professionals are required to set up their portfolio including description of works to be undertaken as well as location and radius of travel. Customers will be able to Rate you based on 5 star system. We allow Tradesmen to reply to the comments if required. Services selected will be indexed by Google and will show up on the internet searches. Due to Chigwell Building & Joinery Ltd being well established on Google ranking Tradesman should be positioned on First Page of Google as sole traders within a month of creating Portfolios. Tradesman please be Responsible as if for any reason bad review is posted we will not be able to remove it from your account. We are offering this platform as a gesture of a good will for easier communication between Trade and Public with hope of easier search for good professionals within cabinetry industry. Hopefully this Network will grow quick and be able to cover the whole UK in a near future with more and more professionals joining and more customers using it. This Network should allow better relationship and ease of finding the right people for the job.


Chigwell Building & Joinery Ltd is not responsible for any doings, dealings, transactions nor disputes between Customer and Tradesman. All dealings to be dealt with Tradesman and Customer. We do not take any Legal Responsibility for any disputes. If Dispute is raised and it will not be resolved we will remove particular tradesman from our website without the right to re-join.