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10 Ideas For A Practical Guest Bedroom

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 07/01/2021

If you have guests coming to stay, it is important that you have a welcoming guest bedroom.

Any guest will appreciate being shown into a bedroom that is nicely decorated, clean and comfortable.

Here’s 10 ideas that will help you to create the perfect guest bedroom:


  1. Suitable Storage
  2. Adaptability
  3. Seating
  4. Good Mattress
  5. Hotel Ciche
  6. Robes & Towels
  7. Less is More
  8. Wall Art
  9. Greenery
  10. Let Light In
  11. Conclusion

1. Suitable Storage

Even if your guests are not going to stay for a long time, it is important that the bedroom has a suitable amount of storage space to allow them to place personal belongings discreetly.

Your guest bedroom may not be that spacious, and so you need to be practical when it comes to designing the layout.

You need to make the best use of the space available.

So you may wish to invest in beds that have incorporated storage.

Another practical option is to place a window seat which will double up as storage as well as a seating option.

2. Adaptability

The bed is surely the main attraction of any bedroom.

It is also responsible for taking up a considerable amount of space in a room.

Nowadays there are various beds on the market that help in space saving.

Even a small room can be turned into a spacious one if you choose a practical bedding option.

One of the most popular options is a wall bed.

Whenever the bed is not in use it can be pushed up against the wall so as to make room for other activities.

This will help to make the room multifunctional.

A sofa bed is another great option if you have space limitations in your guest bedroom.

There are sofa beds that can turn into single, twin or even queen-sized beds.

Your guests will appreciate basic pieces of furniture, such as a small desk.

This could be incorporated within the wardrobe, for example.

Try to ensure that each piece of furniture is as adaptable as possible so as to make the best use of the space available.

3. Seating

Your guests will appreciate some quiet, private time.

So it is important that you think of a practical seating option in their bedroom.

This could be an armchair, a small couch, or a window seat.

Alternatively you could invest in a sofa bed.

4. Good Mattress

Investing in a high quality supporting mattress is of the essence.

You do not want your guests to toss and turn in bed because the mattress is not comfortable.

Some guests may need a good mattress to alleviate pain and discomfort due to age or physical disabilities.

So make sure your guests have a fully supporting mattress that will ensure their stay is memorable for all the right reasons.

5. Hotel Ciche

While you may be placing importance on practical aspects, it is important not to neglect the aesthetics of the guest bedroom.

You should make sure to choose a theme or style, so base the furnishings on that same concept.

It will be nice to add some creature comforts to make your guests feel as if they were staying in the luxury of a hotel room.

For instance, a TV and a phone are great additions as they may wish for some privacy.

Make sure that they have the Wi-Fi password readily available.

You may wish to write it and place it in the room so that they won’t have to ask you for it every time they try to connect to the internet.

You could also place a mini bar and drinks making facilities so that they can feel more comfortable and at ease, instead of having to go to the kitchen every time they feel like having a drink.

6. Robes & Towels

Basic amenities are important.

This includes enough towels and clean toiletries, as well as robes for your guests.

You want them to feel at home, so make sure they have a sufficient supply of such items in their drawers or wardrobe.

7. Less is More

Sometimes you might be so excited to create the perfect guest bedroom that you could easily end up overdoing it.

Bear in mind that simplicity is better than going overboard.

So, avoid over-cluttering the room as you should aim to make it feel spacious.

This can be done by sticking to certain practical furnishings, as well as by choosing light tones.

You could install a mirror strategically to make the room appear bigger too.

8. Wall Art

Plan to hang pictures to one or more of the walls in your guest bedroom?

Make sure not to make them too personal, as you want your guests to feel at home.

Avoid pictures of your family, for example.

Some aesthetically pleasing splashes of colour to the walls with beautiful art and photography could work wonders to make the room cozy and welcoming.

9. Greenery

Greenery can really help to make a room feel more welcoming.

By adding a couple of house plants in the guest bedroom you could really improve the room’s ambiance and freshness.

10. Let Light In

Try to allow for plenty of natural light to enter the room.

This will make the room feel brighter, airier and more welcoming.

Avoid installing heavy curtains, or dark blinds.

Always stick to light shades when it comes to the soft furnishings.

In the case of curtains, it’s best to opt for sheer and light coloured curtains which will allow plenty of light to come into the room.

Speaking of light, it is also important to ensure that the lighting fixtures in the room are sufficient to offer your guests enough bright light should they wish to read a book for example.

Lighting considerations are important, be they artificial or natural lights.


As you can see, there are various ways to make your guest bedroom be truly amazing.

Your guests deserve the best, and you want to make sure that you excel as a host.

A guest bedroom can come in useful on various other occasions, so it is a good idea to invest in a nicely designed and practical multifunctional guest bedroom.

13 Top Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 04/11/2020

Do you have a small bedroom? Are you always trying to stuff things in the limited space you have in the wardrobe, or rummaging through clutter?

If this is a problem that you cannot stand anymore, you should check out the following 13 storage ideas which are ideal for small bedrooms.

Even if your bedroom is small, there is no need to feel too cramped whenever you enter.

Check out how you can make this happen.

Read on to find out more, or use a jump link below to skip to a desired chapter:

Table of Contents

  1. Make Use of the Space Under the Bed
  2. Install a Wall Bed
  3. Organisation is Key
  4. Vacuum Packing
  5. Dual Purpose Furniture
  6. Built-in Wardrobes
  7. Use the Back of Doors
  8. Declutter
  9. Make Use of the Headboard
  10. Wall Storage
  11. Add an Ottoman
  12. Use Narrow Spaces Practically
  13. Fitted Storage Solutions
  14. Conclusion

Make Use of the Space Under the Bed

Have you ever considered storing stuff underneath your bed?

That floor space beneath your bed is not to be forgotten as you could actually make good use of it.

You could invest in a storage bed, or else opt to create a DIY under bed storage space.

If you want to do this the cheaply, simply buy a number of containers ideally with wheels, in which you can store stuff.

Make sure they are of a size that they can fit neatly under the bed.

Storing stuff under the bed can help you clear that unsightly visible clutter in no time.

Besides, if you check your wardrobe you are bound to find a considerable amount of items which you seldom use.

These can be tucked away under the bed, and by doing so you could be freeing up space in your wardrobe, which can then be used for other belongings you use more often.

Install a Wall Bed

Having a wall bed fitted is perfect for small bedrooms.

These beds which are sometimes also referred to as Murphy beds, will offer you the opportunity of folding up against the wall when not in use.

This effectively frees up precious floor space for the rest of the day when you are not sleeping in the bed.

Organisation is Key

Many people simply fold clothes and then stuff them inside their wardrobe or closet somewhat haphazardly, or without paying much attention to good organisation.

If on the other hand you make good use of drawer dividers, you would be saving up more space than you ever thought possible.

These dividers are ideal for dressers.

It is also very important to organise your closet or wardrobe carefully.

Some more shelves could work better.

You might also wish to consider adding one or more rods for hanging clothes, or installing over the door hangers.

Vacuum Packing

Out of season clothes should not be allowed to take up the limited space you have in your wardrobe or closet.

It is more sensible to vacuum pack your clothes and store them away for the time being, especially the bulky jackets and coats which take up so much precious space!

Dual Purpose Furniture

Some furniture items could be used for dual purposes.

Nowadays there are many smart ideas when it comes to modern and contemporary furniture.

These work great in small bedrooms.

Some popular examples include a floating drawer instead of a simple shelf, a storage cabinet instead of just a table, and a floating desk.

Built-in Wardrobes

The wardrobe is the biggest furniture piece in your bedroom.

Ideally, you should have a large wardrobe so as to manage to store as many items inside as possible.

So, you may wish to consider investing in a whole wall wardrobe which will take up as much wall space as possible, especially as high up as you can go.

Bespoke made-to-measure fitted wardrobes will help you maximise storage space.

Chances are that you would still end up using any space above your wardrobe for storage purposes, and this will look rather clumsy.

So it is better to invest in a large and well organised wardrobe which will serve its purpose well.

In order to avoid having it look too bulky, make sure to consider its design, such as by having a mirrored facade, or incorporating some drawers or a desk within it.


Chances are that some items that you are currently storing in your bedroom could be stored away in other rooms in your house.

Some stuff does not necessarily need to be available in your bedroom.

Chances are you will find a good many things that you can do without!

Some items could also be sold, or given away too.

Make Use of the Headboard

The bed’s headboard can be put to good use for storage purposes.

It is the perfect hideout for small stuff and it will help you reduce clutter from your bedside table.

You can store small clothing items, books and a myriad of items inside your headboard.

Wall Storage

Any free space on your wall should be used well.

Wall space can be used for storage purposes if you hang shelves.

Nowadays there are various kinds of decorative wall storage ideas that you could opt for.

Apart from being practical, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Add an Ottoman