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10 Built-In Wardrobe Design Ideas

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 10/05/2021

With limited spaces and smallish rooms, fitted wardrobes are often preferred.

Such wardrobes are ideal for space saving and to allow for better organisation.

However, bespoke solutions tend to be very costly.

If you have a limited budget you can however try to design and create your own fitted wardrobe online.

Here are some ideas you can use to give you that all important inspiration!

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Table of Contents

  1. Plan to Maximise Space
  2. Add Drawers
  3. Include a Shoe Rack
  4. Integrate Lighting
  5. Add Shelves
  6. Hang a Mirror on the Door Reverse
  7. Use Sliding Doors
  8. Maximise Height
  9. Custom Paint
  10. Make It Multifunctional
  11. Conclusion

Plan to Maximise Space

One of the most important things about fitted wardrobes is that they can be designed to make the best use of the available space.

When you plan your fitted wardrobe you need to make sure that the total wardrobe space is maximised.

First measure the length of the space available, to plan how many doors to include.

Next, depending on this you can better visualise how you will be planning the compartments of the wardrobe.

Try drawing simple diagrams with measurements to come up with different configurations that will best accommodate what you plan to store in the wardrobe.

And always keeping in mind the available space.

To maximise the space it is best to use the full height all the way up to the ceiling.

This may be a bit tricky as the top shelves should be designed in a way to allow you to store items that you do not use regularly.

So make sure that if you plan to store large items such as blankets, storage boxes etc, the shelves are wide and high enough to accommodate these things.

Add Drawers

A wardrobe should incorporate at least a few drawers as certain items are rather small and they are best stored in drawers.

Socks and underwear for instance, are best stored in drawers to allow for better organisation, and to make sure that they are more easily accessible.

Whilst drawers are important, make sure that you do not overdo it.

Plan wisely so that you only include too many drawers, and not end up taking too much space away from the rest of your needs.

Moreover, make sure that the size of the drawers are appropriate for the space available, and for the types of items to be stored.

For instance, a very long drawer might end up not being very well organised.

But, very small drawers might not offer enough space for all the items you want to put away.

Include a Shoe Rack

It is highly recommended to include a shoe rack inside your wardrobe.

Most people have a considerable number of shoes to store and so a shoe rack comes in very handy.

Shoe racks allow you to avoid having shoes displayed in an unsightly fashion all over the bedroom.

And since it’s basically a pull out shelving system, you will be able to see and choose your shoes easily by simply pulling out the rack.

It's a good idea to calculate the space that a certain number of pairs of shoes will take when placed next to one another.

So make sure you design your shoe rack appropriately and do not waste any space unnecessarily.

Integrate Lighting

It’s a really good idea to illuminate your fitted wardrobe by integrating lighting.

This will help you to find whatever you are looking for inside the wardrobe more easily.

Besides being practical, it also makes the interior of the wardrobe look sleek and modern.

An LED hanging rail that is motion activated is often the best choice and adds tons of practicality.

Add Shelves

Making use of shelves in your wardrobe is one of the most important factors.

A column of shelves designed in a certain size can allow you to maximise storage space.

Cubby holes also work really well for small items and folded clothes.

Shelves also allow for better organisation and compartmentalisation.

Just try to be careful and plan the dimensions of the shelves you will be including wisely, depending on what you plan to store on them.

Hang a Mirror on the Door Reverse

A mirror at the back of one of the wardrobe doors is another great idea.

Besides creating the illusion of a bigger wardrobe, a mirror comes in very handy as you try on clothes and prepare yourself.

And the added bonus is you do not end up wasting bedroom wall space unnecessarily.

Use Sliding Doors

It’s highly recommended that you use sliding doors as they are much more practical.

Sliding doors make your wardrobe look sleek and modern.

Moreover you won’t have to worry whether there is enough space to open a door, especially if the room is small and floor space is limited.

Maximise Height

Make the best use of ceiling height by having your fitted wardrobe go all the way up to the ceiling.

As mentioned earlier, make sure to design the upper part in such a way that you will be able to store items that you do not use on a regular basis.

Custom Paint

Painting your fitted wardrobe is a great way to customise it.

There are certain paints which are ideal for this as they adhere nicely and easily to the surface, regardless of the type of material.

Custom painting your wardrobe is just great as you can choose the colour you like best and this will allow you to complement it with the rest of the room’s furnishings.

You could choose a colour that blends into the background, making your fitted wardrobe look as if it were integrated into the wall.

This makes it look sleeker, discreet and unobtrusive.

Make It Multifunctional

Since a fitted wardrobe is customisable, you will be able to be creative and make it as multifunctional as you wish.

The key is to make sure that you plan its design carefully depending on the space available and the items you are planning to store within it.

So, shelves, drawers, shoe racks, or even a slide in and out desk space can really make your wardrobe as multifunctional as can be.


As you can see there’s a myriad of design ideas for fitted wardrobes.

You just need to be creative and to keep in mind the importance of planning the design according to your preferences and in line with your storage requirements.

10 Top Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 04/03/2021

Do you want a spacious kitchen with plenty of natural light?

Do you fear that nothing creative can be done with your kitchen if it’s too small?

With the right space-conscious designs, a compact room won’t be a barrier to creating a sleek and creative kitchen.

Read the following 10 small kitchen design ideas to learn clever ways of making the most of the limited space in your kitchen.

Table of Contents

  1. Custom Cabinets
  2. Chic Carpeting
  3. Finishing With Style
  4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  5. Contrast Matters
  6. Streamline Your Kitchen Style
  7. Change The Door Handles
  8. Colour Coordination
  9. Lines Are Your Friend
  10. Install An Island
  11. Conclusion

Custom Cabinets

When space is limited, utilising all of it is a must.

Any disused space without purpose is a waste.

Properties with a small kitchen often have issues using all space efficiently because of the awkward shape of walls, ceiling heights & odd corners.

Custom fitted cabinets are the perfect answer for this dilemma, by building storage around the nooks and crannies to avoid leaving dead space.

You will be surprised at just how much more room your kitchen has after installing custom kitchen cabinets.

Chic Carpeting

Clever design choices lay right under your nose.

A sure-fire way of flooding a kitchen with warmth is by adding a rug.

A colourful patterned rug will give the room a rich splash of colour.

This is more apparent in narrow kitchens with long aisles which will greatly appreciate the colour and material contrast.

Finishing With Style

A lack of natural light will make your kitchen appear cramped and smaller than it actually is.

Managing the amount of light that enters your kitchen is a necessity if you want to make it feel more spacious.

Why not make life easier for yourself?

Spray finished cabinetry is a clever trick that is often used.

Lacquered cabinets reflect light and brighten the space, making it feel significantly bigger.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Your kitchen will appear cluttered and claustrophobic when surfaces are covered with cooking utensils or appliances.

Utilise the cabinets around your kitchen to store items that are not for everyday use.

Cabinets with adjustable shelving are excellent when following this design choice, especially when your tall smoothie maker needs just a little more room to fit.

Use these closed storage options to give your space room to breathe.

Contrast Matters