9 Top TV Wall Ideas

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 06/09/2021

The TV is the main feature in a living area or sitting room and most people take a lot of pride in it, especially when considering the entertainment it provides to all the family.

It’s no wonder so many people opt for the biggest TV possible.

However, many like to spruce up the wall around the TV in a unique way to further enhance the decor of the room.

This is one of the reasons why entertainment walls acquired their name.

There are indeed several ways you can decorate the wall space where the TV has been mounted.

The following are some great ideas you could consider:

Table of Contents

  1. Integrated Lighting
  2. Contrasting Materials & Textures
  3. Integrated Shelves
  4. Integrated Storage
  5. Hide the Cables
  6. Concealed Door
  7. Recessed Screen
  8. Create a Picture Gallery
  9. Bold Colours
  10. Conclusion

Integrated Lighting

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The lighting options you choose matter considerably.

Lights create a unique ambiance, and they also have an impact on the comfort level provided in the room.

You do not want the lights to be neither too bright nor too low, especially while the TV is on.

Backlit TV screens are a common option as they accentuate the TV while offering some light.

It is important to consider the different options as ideally the backlight is not bright as it might reduce the visual quality of the TV screen itself.

However backlit TVs certainly look great when the TV is turned off, and they offer a focal point on that part of the wall, which improves the general decor of the room.

You can also opt for LED lighting strips that can be placed underneath the unit above the TV.

This will offer a subtle light while also illuminating anything underneath.

Uplight strips are another popular option as they can be installed at the back of the unit underneath the TV and illuminate upwards, offering a nice aura to the TV above.

There is also the option to go for colour changing LED lights to customise the lighting colour according to your particular preferences or mood.

There are many that can be controlled by means of your smartphone or a remote control, so they are highly convenient.

Contrasting Materials & Textures

You will be amazed at the impact that you can create if you use contrasting materials on the wall around the TV screen.

Wood offers a warm look, and when combined with natural stone or metal, which are rather cold, there is a huge contrast both in terms of their texture as well as colours.

This leads to a lasting impact when one looks at the wall and as a result the TV becomes even more accentuated.

Moreover, when using contrasting materials, you will be managing to complement different styles in a unique way, and the decor of the room will never get out of fashion in this way!

Integrated Shelves

We all have lots of things to store, books, photo frames, decorative items and much more!

These can be nicely arranged on shelves in a living area.

It is thus a good idea to opt for integrated shelves as you will be using the wall space around the TV wisely.

Integrated Storage

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Integrated storage is an ideal way to add extra storage space for your countless belongings which would otherwise make the room look untidy.

It can also work well to place devices that you may be using such as gaming consoles, media players etc.

These can be set up in a way that you can hide away the wiring at the back of the unit so that everything looks neater.

You will be amazed at the difference you can achieve in this way instead of having to see all those ugly and untidy cords and wires running around!

Hide the Cables

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A few holes here and there, and those unsightly cables that used to clutter the area underneath your TV will solve the problem once and for all.

If you have a unit or shelving system where these cables can pass through and get hidden away, you will be able to achieve a much neater setting.

Cables are normal and indispensable, yet they can look so ugly.

However there are ways they can get hidden out of sight.

You just need to be a bit creative!

For instance, you could use recessed cable plates or place a cable cord management box.

Alternatively you could attach some hooks to the back edge of the unit or shelving so as to place the cords onto them and be hidden discreetly behind the silhouette of the furniture.

A similar option is to use zip ties to keep the wires wound up.

Concealed Door

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An interesting alternative is to have your TV hidden away behind a door.

This door can be a concealed door that forms part of a unit.

Such a door will not be easily noticeable as it can be designed with a pull-out mechanism, or be a sliding door.

Hence, it will be flush with the rest of the unit, but the TV will be right behind it.

In this way you will basically be hiding your TV and only open up the door when you intend to watch it.

This is a relatively modern interior design and home staging idea which is ideal for those who prefer to stick to a seamless look throughout the wall, rather than have the black screen of the TV look rather off with the rest of the furniture.

There are indeed some people who cannot stand the look of a dull black TV screen when it is switched off and not in use, and in such a case this idea is ideal.

Recessed Screen

Another interesting option is to opt for a recessed screen.

Instead of having the TV mounted onto the wall and protrude outwards, it can be placed in a way that it fits flush to the wall and unit.

In this way it will look more seamless.

To install a recessed TV mount, make sure to choose a robust one and that you opt for an ideal size, even for future, possibly bigger TVs.

This mount will rest inside the wall, and you will also need to take into account the need to allow for some space around the TV to avoid overheating.

Create a Picture Gallery

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Every family has dozens of photos and it could be a great idea to hang these around the TV so as to create a picture gallery.

The TV will be at the centre, while the family photos will surround it and create a lovely visual appeal.

The wall will look more welcoming and it is a great way to showcase your favourite family photos in a central part of the house without taking up space on shelves and other furniture.

It may be a good idea to consider using black frames and to have the photos printed in black and white so as not to have too many colours as they may be a bit distracting while you are watching TV.

Bold Colours

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The colours you choose for the wall matter a great deal.

Colours affect your mood and can bring a whole new look to the room and to its ambiance.

If you want to make a bold statement, then opt for colours that will manage to do this thanks to their uniqueness.

Some good choices include yellow, lime green, red, orange and teal.

Imagine any of these colours and the black TV in the centre of the wall.

What is the effect?

The TV screen will look more prominent and the vivacity of these colours will fill the room with personality.


By embracing any one or more of these ideas you can manage to create a unique TV wall which you will be proud of.

You will be spending a considerable amount of time watching TV and so you should make sure that this wall is indeed a feature wall that you will love sitting in front of!

So be creative, artistic and think outside the box to create a TV feature wall that will truly make an impact!

16 Top Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 07/07/2021

Regardless of the size of your wardrobe, most people find that they end up facing limited storage space.

Let’s face it, most of us end up buying clothes, accessories and shoes, and at some point the wardrobe will end up getting full to the brim.

But at the end of the day it is not an impossible feat.

All you need is to be a little creative and utilise some tips and tricks which can make you achieve the best use of the space available in your wardrobe.

Check out the following ideas you could implement.

Table of Contents

  1. Clothes Dividers
  2. Double Hang Clothes
  3. Integrated Hampers
  4. Use All Vertical Space
  5. Hang Smaller Items
  6. Include a Shoe Rack
  7. Add Drawers
  8. Add Drawer Organisers
  9. Hang Bags on the Doors
  10. Reorganise Seasonally
  11. Install Task Lighting
  12. Install Sliding Doors
  13. Donate Unwanted Clothes
  14. Vacuum Pack Unused Clothes
  15. Consider a Wall Bed
  16. Store Stuff Under the Bed
  17. Conclusion

Clothes Dividers

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Clothing dividers are simple yet very effective organisational helpers.

These divider tags can be easily made on some card stock, and hung in between the clothes in your bespoke wardrobe.

They will make it so much simpler for you to sort your clothes, as you will be able to write on them and classify the clothes by size, season, etc.

Double Hang Clothes

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When you hang clothes you will be saving up a considerable amount of space.

However it's important to hang clothes wisely.

Trousers for instance can be hung with belt loops on S-hooks as they will be stored much more compactly like this.

Double hanging clothes will enable you to store more clothes than if you were to use a single rod.

The key is to choose a proper height according to the inside of the customised wardrobe, to leave additional space for some folded clothes to be stored underneath as well.

Integrated Hampers

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Hampers could work wonders in helping you organise your stuff.

Built-in hampers can be easily installed in your made to measure wardrobe, and they will allow you to make the best use of all the space in between one shelf and another.

Consider shopping for hampers that are of the ideal size for the spaces you have.

There are several different sizes as well as materials and colours available in many shops, and they are not expensive either.

Use All Vertical Space

Sometimes we tend to forget about the storage space available in the upper part of the wardrobe simply because it's out of reach.

While it may sound a bit unfeasible to climb up on a chair every time, it is important to make use of all the vertical space in your wardrobe.

Here you could store items that are not currently required such as out of season clothes.

You will also need to make sure that you are utilising all the vertical space, including the space against the inner side of the wardrobe doors.

Here you can install a system with hooks, where you can store small items such as jewellery, scarves, hats, purses and belts.

Hang Smaller Items

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Most accessories stored in your fitted wardrobe tend to be smallish, but since you probably have tons of items, they are taking up quite a lot of space.

You could however reorganise such items a bit more wisely to leave the space on shelves for clothes and bigger stuff.

Scarves, belts and bags can be hung up.

Include a Shoe Rack