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10 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 15/10/18

When it comes to kitchen renovations it is always best to consult experts and professionals that understand the different elements and features of a strategic design. There are certain rules that are generally followed when it comes to designing the layout of your new kitchen. This is an incredibly important area and it must be designed properly. If you are planning on renovating your kitchen or beginning from scratch, this article will outline how to avoid the top 10 design mistakes that too many home owners have make.

The following outline will give you 10 common mistakes that you will want to avoid at all costs. Your kitchen is an integral room in your home, so be sure to follow these suggestions as you continue reading below.

1) Lack of Traffic Flow

Being able to access all the different sections of your kitchen is important and leads to a better functioning area. You will need to design the right layout that optimises the space available to you. You want a fully functioning cooking area that allows for good workflow and is easy to move around.

2) Unused Storage Space

There is plenty of different things in a kitchen and you will undoubtedly need plenty of storage space. Be sure that everything is organised and that your food preparation areas are clear of clutter and allow space. You can use the walls to hang objects or you can increase cupboard space and even install vertical cabinets. There are many different options available to maximise storage space. Just look at the different options out there and be creative.

3) Poor Lighting

Every kitchen needs to provide good lighting as there are many tasks that are involved with food preparation. Adding illumination can add beauty to your cooking area but it does not need to be a dramatic effect. Ensure that you have a safe working area that is properly lighted for preparing food.

4) Low-Quality Kitchen Items

You will want to purchase items that will last for a long time and won't break down from wear and tear right away. Purchasing items at a discount or using poor quality products will only cost you more money. Kitchen environments provide a lot of wear and tear so invest in quality items to save money instead of wasting it on inefficient tools you will need to regularly replace.

5) Bad Ventilation

Having a kitchen that stinks up the entire house with the foods you are cooking is not ideal. You will want to ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated and using range hoods will circulate air. Also adding a window can help with fumes, whilst decent ventilation extends the life of your appliances and will fill your home with fresh air and fewer odours.

6) Using an Inappropriate Kitchen Island

Having the wrong kitchen island or having it in the wrong location causes more trouble then it solves. It may, in fact, cause clutter and hassles with manoeuvrability and cooking. Make sure you choose the correct shape and size that won't obstruct the kitchen or interrupt traffic flow.

7) Bad Garbage Systems

You will need an optimised solution for dealing with trash management when it comes to your kitchen. Your cooking area can end up looking dirty and even smelling bad if this is not managed appropriately. You need cleanliness and having proper garbage disposal is necessary. A good idea is to use a container that has a cover or hide it in the cabinet.

8) Changing the Kitchen Layout

Some people will make a final decision on what they desire and then they keep on making changes. You will want to stick to your design plan and meet your requirements. Changing your ideas and layout will only cost more money. Be sure to pick a plan that you can stick with that you will appreciate.

9) Following Trends

Some homeowners will choose to follow a certain trend or style just for the sake of it. Unfortunately once the trend has changed, your kitchen will look outdated. If you cannot redesign and refit your kitchen regularly, then you should use a timeless design that works for you. It is a good idea to use a general theme and to avoid overspending on appliances based on trends.

10) Not Seeking Consultation

If you are not a design professional, don't try to do the work yourself. You can save money and ensure proper workmanship by hiring professionals to get it done for you. You can also hire consultants for design ideas and to really get the kitchen of your dreams. Also, pick a budget and stick to it and be flexible for best results.