6 Common Practical Uses of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 06/08/18

Medium Density Fibreboard is a specially engineered product that is created from wood fibres.

It is a dense product and has many different uses in a variety of industries.

Fibreboard is a sturdy product and is often covered with a veneer and it can also include secondary raw materials such as fibres from sugarcane and wood chipping.

This is an incredibly versatile material to work with and this article we'll share with you the different practical uses for MDF and what you can do with it. 


To begin with, many different furniture companies utilise specially measured MDF boards and if you have ever purchased an inexpensive piece of furniture like a bookshelf or an entertainment centre, then chances are they may be constructed from MDF.

Many different inexpensive furniture pieces are constructed from low to medium-density fibreboard because this particular product is easily produced and is economical, which lowers the cost of manufacturing and production.

Using low-density fibreboard typically reduces the costs associated with producing furniture and it is a very common material that is used in the creation of prefabricated furniture.

Companies like IKEA and other big store companies offer products that are built from this material.


Another thing that medium density fibreboard is known for is home interior cabinetry.

It's most common to find cabinets made of fibreboard and then finished with solid wood laminate on top.

Home interior products like kitchen cabinets and shelving units are typically built from MDF and this also includes doors, mouldings and sometimes even flooring such as wood effect laminates.

There are many different applications that can be integrated with using medium density fibreboard and these are only a few examples of how it is used in home interiors.

Fire Resistance

One interesting use for medium density fibreboard that many people may not be aware of is for its fire retardant capabilities.

Certain buildings and structures require the use of fire retardant MDF in their construction.

This type of fibreboard is known to be used in the construction of commercial buildings which include stores and offices and other buildings that must meet certain building regulations and requirements for safety.

Some homeowners choose to use fire retardant MDF in the construction of their homes as well as to provide further protection from any possible fires spreading.

Vapour Repulsion

Medium density fibreboard can also be utilised as a vapour barrier and insulation for both homes and commercial buildings.

This is because it has a durability and treatment that makes it an excellent vapour barrier when used with other vapour repellant products.

This type of wood is able to deal with long periods of moisture and drying out without being damaged like shrinking or going through the process of rotting.

It can act as a vapour barrier and it can also offer insulation and prevent heat loss which would ultimately help with lowering heating costs and electrical bills.


This may not be as widely known, but fibreboard can also provide soundproofing and lower the ability of sound to travel.

Many speaker manufacturers use medium density fibreboard or particle board because it absorbs sound and prevents vibration from inside the speaker casing.

This wood product can also be used in media rooms, walls of apartment buildings and offices as well as floor underlayment to help minimise sound disturbances and noise pollution.

Many different contractors and building companies use MDF for this particular purpose during construction for the application of reducing noise and sound traveling.


Another interesting fact about the versatility known for fibreboard is its use for around the home both inside and outside.

Fibreboard can be used for all sorts of housing needs including roofing materials for low sloped roofs.

MDF is an excellent material that can be used as backing for shingles of any kind of roof.

You can also use it as sheathing for walls inside your home.

MDF is incredibly durable as well as flexible which gives it numerous applications when it comes to a family home both in the interior and exterior.

Ultimately medium density fibreboard is a top-notch solution with many different uses and things that it can be used for.

This list of common practical uses of MDF is just a short example and there are plenty of more uses that MDF can be utilised for.

It will continue to be a cheaper option rather than purchasing timber products such as plywood and with its numerous uses, it will always be a well known and widely used material in the fabrication of furniture all the way to the construction of buildings and homes.