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8 Top Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Author Chigwell Building & Joinery

Date 08/01/20

If your bedroom’s size is rather small, you might be wondering how you will be able to cram all the furniture you need, and store your clothes and other belongings.

Small studio apartments and most modern properties tend to feature smallish bedrooms.

But in reality there is no need to give up hope as with some creativity and common sense you will be amazed at what you can make out of your small bedroom.

Here are 8 top tips which will definitely change your mind and solve your problems.

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Table of Contents

  1. Light Colour Scheme
  2. Install a Wall Bed
  3. Install a Fitted Wardrobe
  4. Integrated Shelves
  5. Store Items Up High
  6. Minimalist Styling
  7. Embrace Symmetry
  8. The Magic of Mirrors
  9. Conclusion

1. Light Colour Scheme

Keep it as light and as bright as possible.

The brighter the colour scheme you opt for, the bigger the room will appear.

So go for light colours such as white and beige.

If you are worrying that the light colour scheme might look plain, just add vivid or darker colours in the soft furnishings, such as the bedlinen and cushions, the carpet, and any key accessories like the bedside lamp.

2. Install a Wall Bed

The bed is the main and the biggest furniture piece in the room.

Naturally it is going to take up a good part of the room, especially since the room’s area is limited.

So if you have a small bedroom simply opt for a wall bed.

This will help to free up the valuable space in the room for other requirements during the day.

Nowadays there are several aesthetically pleasing but very practical wall beds, which will fold up against the wall easily, offering convenience as well as comfort.

3. Install a Fitted Wardrobe

Apart from the bed, the wardrobe will also take up a considerable amount of space.

So, when it comes to choosing the wardrobe for your small bedroom opt for a fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.

This will make sure that you make the best use out of the wall space available, while also avoiding wasting space in a restricted space whenever you need to open the wardrobe doors.

Also, make the best use out of the room’s height by going as far up as practically possible.

The height of the wardrobe will offer you more storage space for off season clothing and any other items you do not need to use often.

4. Integrated Shelves

Integrated shelves will give you greater convenience.

These types of shelves are versatile and ideal for small bedrooms as they will enable you to literally use up as much wall space as possible.

This will offer you so much more storage space!

5. Store Items Up High

As the floor space in a small bedroom is restricted you need to make the most out of the wall space.

So, make it a point to have as much storage space as possible up high.

This includes having a wardrobe which, if possible, goes all the way up to the ceiling, as well as installing floating shelves or units towards the upper part of the walls.

If your budget is not limited you could also opt for the more costly bespoke fittings.

6. Minimalist Styling

A minimalist theme is highly recommended for small bedrooms.

Simple designs or themes will make the room appear bigger.

So, apart from sticking to a light colour for the wallpaper or paint, make sure to go for light furniture.

The contrast in the colours should be attained from using bolder and darker colours in smaller amounts, such as in the bedside lamp, cushions and carpet.

When it comes to choosing a motif for the room, go for a delicate, pale one.

Good examples include flowers, leaves and simple shapes.

Bear in mind that soft, neutral colours will work wonders on small bedrooms.

7. Embrace Symmetry

Symmetry is an important principle when it comes to designing small bedrooms.

For improved visual balance, and more definition, it is recommended that you stick to a symmetrical concept when furnishing and decorating the room.

Sticking to symmetrical concepts will also help in offering an easy-on-the-eye scheme, as this goes hand in hand with minimalist designs.

It can also help to make your bedroom appear somewhat larger and more spacious.

8. The Magic of Mirrors

A mirror is a must-have in any bedroom.

However in a small bedroom you cannot devote a lot of space to a large wall mirror, as you should make better use of it for shelving, as discussed earlier.

Instead, you could opt for a full body length mirror that can lean up against the wall.

Alternatively if the wardrobe does not come with sliding doors, you could install a mirror on the inner side of one of the wardrobe doors.

On another note, if it is possible to have a mirror hung on one of the walls, make sure that you position it in a place where it can reflect the light that comes in from the window.

This will create the illusion that the room is bigger, apart from increasing natural light in the room.


There are all sorts of ideas that you could come up with when designing a small bedroom.

There is no need to worry about small rooms and their drawbacks, as in truth nowadays you will be able to find many innovative furnishings which will greatly maximise the space available.

From wardrobes with sliding doors, beds with storage space underneath, or wall beds, to floating shelves and desks, you will be amazed at the range of modern bedroom furnishings you will find in stores.

In some cases, you might worry about the costs involved to buy such furniture ready-made.

In that case, try to go for custom made or DIY furniture options, as at the end of the day it would most likely turn out to be considerably cheaper.

For instance, there is no need to spend a fortune to buy a ready-made floating desk.

You could make one yourself by simply installing a piece of plywood over shelf brackets!

Ultimately it is all a matter of creativity as affordable materials like plywood and MDF, and some simple tools could enable you to work wonders on furnishing your bedroom.